As Leo Sayer announces his latest tour plans in Scotland, a reminder of that time he completely lost the plot over his pants and went on a swearfest on Celebrity Big Brother. To the tune of Rio, altogether now: ‘My name is Leo. Leo fucking Sayer…’


You make me feel like dancing was my greatest hit
And ever since I have been rehashing it
I thought I’d come across as wacky on that show
Please please tell me now is there something I should know?

My name is Leo
Leo fucking Sayer
I look ridiculous
I mean, look at that hair
Celebrity Big Brother did me no favours
My last gig was advertising Cheesy Quavers

I was just joking, throwing those tantrums
Please please please please buy my albums
When I’m in love I will dance
Please please Big Brother give me back my pants

My name is Leo
Leo fucking Sayer
I’m a celebrity but you don’t fucking care
Please please buy my albums
Love me or I’ll sue
My name is Leo Sayer
What you gonna do about it?

from the album Phineas Freak And The Smooth Perturbations

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