Does the panel think?

As David Dimbleby announces he’s leaving Question Time, here’s the opening track to Half Bam Half Whisky’s Questionable Times album detailing the make up of a typical panel and audience on every political anorak’s favourite show.

The Panel

On Thursday night some people like to get their kicks
By watching some old fogeys talking politics
If you ask me, it’s a questionable way to relax
In the company of angsty, anguished anoraks

Our guests tonight are inappropriate
We got a comedian, corinthian and cabinet
member and an academic nut
He’s historically inaccurate
A huh huh

A sitting round the table you will always see
A Dimbleby, a Dimbleby, a Dimbleby
Surrounded by some very dubious company
And an apoplectic audience screaming ‘Look at me!’

from Questionable Times by Half Bam Half Whisky. Listen here

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