Brexit And America (Kippers For Breakfast)


Take a look at my boyfriend
He’s the only one I got
He’s my racist boyfriend
Cos racism is really hot

I’m gonna export running water
And Mars Bars to America
See the girls in California
I’m hoping it’s going to come true
Oh there’s such a lot I can do

Could we have kippers for breakfast
Mummy dear, mummy dear
We’ll have a full English Brexit
When everyone’s a millionaire

I’m a winner, I’m a sinner
Do you wannna play wiff waff?
I’m a loser, what a joker
I’m playing my jokes upon you
While there’s nothing better to do

Ba-ba-ba-dow, ba-bow-dum-doo-de-dow-de-dow, de
Ba-ba-ba-dow, ba-bow-dum-de-doo-de-dow
Na na na, nana na na na na


from the album “Arse” by Borrissey. Available here:

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