It’s A Wonderful Fife

As Sir Paul McCartney reveals he is writing a stage musical of It’s A Wonderful Life, we remember the seminal Scottish version from 2012.

The full album is available for free download here but here’s the video for The Last Fish Supper:

I was lost in Fife
I was fearful of my life
In Ainster or Anstruther
With the remains of a fish supper
That we found up in Crail
I thought I’d end up in jail
Because we ate in a church
When we were on a search
For the last fish supper

Hanging in the East Neuk
I thought I was gonna puke
The reverend Murphy was witty cos
He read from Leviticus
We thought that we were in hell
Or Buckhaven or Methil
The body of Christ is chips
The blood is Irn Bru, it’s….
The last fish supper

Jesus’s acting on the cross was so wooden
He needed vinegar and sauce on his red pudding

We found the holy Crail Food Festival
We’re leavin’ Leven behind
On a quest to find
The last fish supper
The last fish supper
The last fish supper

And just for good measure, here’s the Fifers Prayer:

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