When Mark E Smith Met Matt Berry

pic: Pamela Vander

Black Paternoster
from the album The Gospel According to Matt, Mark, Luke and John. Listen here

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
Bless the bed that I lie on.
Four corners to my bed,
Four angels round my head;
One to watch and one to pray
And two to bear my soul away.

Matt, Mark, Luke and John

Matt Berry, Mark E Smith, Luke Haines
John Lydon. Music that reigns
Supreme. The gospel that ordains
And worms its way into your brains

I love Luke Haines, he’s so working clarse
Woh oh Matt Berry breaking glass
(Yes I can hear you Clem Fandango)
What more could you ask for at Christmas
Than their CDs, get them ya bass

New Testament Rock and roll
Berry, Smith, Haines, Lydon
A gospel to enrich your soul
Make your record collection complete and hol…y

Woh oh Matt Berry breaking glass (Yes!)
Woh oh Mark E Smith Middle Mass (Yes!)
Woh oh Luke Haines working clarse (Class)
Woh oh John Lydon PIL Pistols

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  1. Any video of this meeting?

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