Fist Pumping With IDS


I want to relieve my stress
(Fist pumping with IDS)
Oh Gideon, Gideon, yes, yes, yes!
(Fist pumping with IDS)
Let’s get fiscal, let’s undress
(Fist pumping with IDS)
I wanna lick your Eton Mess
(Fist pumping with IDS)

I – I Love me
D – Don’t you see?
S – S-s-s-s-so sexy

Everybody pump your fist
Do the hand jive with your wrist
Never been loved? Never been kissed?
The world of Iain Duncan Smith

Politics is just like chess
(Fist pumping with IDS)
You think ahead, you think what’s best
(Fist pumping with IDS)
And sex up your manifest – oh
(Fist pumping with IDS)
Fuck the poor, I couldn’t care less
(Fist pumping with IDS)

So here’s to you Nick Robinson
You are Iain Duncan Smith’s lovechild
Wild, wild, wild
God bless the beeb’s correspondent
He’s supposed to be impartial – yeah
That’ll be right

I’ll take yer dosh, I’ll take yer kidneys
And throw your weans back up the chimneys


from the album Bam Glam by Tommy Mackay. Listen here

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