Delete! Delete! Delete!

So, farewell then, Ruth Davidson.  We have so many memories of the duplicitous, disingenuous bauchle.  So, as she sails off into the sainted sunset, let us remember that time she panicked over her drunken tweets:


Delete, delete, delete – my ears are ringing
I tried to be discreet but failed
The basket of deplorables are winning
Half my tweets are being jailed

I think I’m being witty but I shite it
My diplomatic skills are Strictly wank
I can’t help getting over-excited
I prefer a buffalo or tank

Oh what can you do
When you’ve had a few
You feel like Oscar Wilde

Oh Ruth, Ruth, Ruth
You can’t handle the truth
You have to appease her
Motherfucking Theresa

Delete, delete, delete!


from the album Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard. Listen here

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