The Citizen


I am known as the citizen
An unnamed denizen of Dublin
I hold court and hold sway
In the pub known as Barney Kiernan’s

Some say I’m Michael Cusack
Founder member of the G.A.A.
That stands for Gaelic
Athletic Association

And I’ll charm everyone in the pub
And when I’m done
I won’t know who was won

I will use legal jargon
And passages from the Bible
I have cut out the body
Of many an old neighborhood

I don’t need to remind you
That I have a bottomless store
Where I keep all mythology
Donated to me by the gods

But it’s all that I have
And it’s very very sad
But you have to believe to be had

They say I’m a fierce Fenian
And anti-semite to boot
Bloom can stuff his opinion
That our saviour was a Jew

Never anger a cyclops
I don’t care who you choose as your king
Watch your head, here’s a rock
In the form of an old biscuit tin

So farewell, that’s me done
I cracked a mirror
Stared out the sun
And for the record
I can’t lie
I have won


from the album Recklesses

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