Jellyfish Johnson


For a while, the BBC knew what to do
Setting up an interview
With Andrew Neil on their side
We thought we knew what was true
For a while, we paid no mind
to the conspiracy theories we’d find,
Then you went full tonto

Something happened along the way
Sturgeon and Corbyn got slagged
But Jellyfish Johnson wriggled out of it, eh?
It’s pitiful, obvious and sad

But, oh, look – Boris has made a scone
What the hell are you on?
How far up his arse are you stuck?
Jellyfish Johnson has made a scone
And you’re creaming your pants, it’s wrong
BBC – get ti fuck

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2 Comments on "Jellyfish Johnson"

  1. About 1600 people a year get killed on UK roads and everyone accepts it. Two people get killed by a nut jihadist on London Bridge the media go crazy. In Iraq, Syria, Palestine,Iran dozens die daily from the efforts of armies from Europe the US and other powerful States. Who are the terrorists?

  2. Adam David Hiley | April 4, 2020 at 12:00 am | Reply


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