Wee Country

From Newtonmore to Newton Mearns
We’re aw Jock Tamson’s bairns
But it’s no aw glamour. it’s no aw glitz
Jock Tamson’s on benefits

In this wee country
Wee country
Wi a massive, massive heart

Traditional or anti-folk
As long as it disnae gie ye the boak
Just sing out an honest song
And if you want you can sing along

Blue or green, black or white or maroon
Dinnae let the country doon
By acting like a tribe or a clique
That’s what makes us pathetic and weak

Aye, we’re aw Jock Tamson’s bairns
As long as you’re no sectarians
Don’t fall for the auld, auld trick
Of divide and conquer ya stupid wee prick

If your card’s SNP, Tory, Labour or Nectar
I’m combing this land wi ma bullshit detector
Looking for clichés and sniffing out shite
We’re all in this together – aye that’ll be right

I hope, I don’t pray, I think, I don’t wish
I hate all this sentimental pish
It’s no about Braveheart, it’s no about kilts
Or masonic lodges or catholic guilt


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