You’d think that I’d see clearly now it’s 2020
But the chaos in my head it just gets worse
Years and years of songs about years -that is plenty
Just when you think here comes the chorus, here’s another verse

Raise your glass, don’t raise your hopes – we’re running on empty
Your resolutions won’t be televised
To all who’ve gone from Barrie Masters To Alasdair Gray
Here’s to you and all who realise

You don’t wish for your dreams to come true
That is not reality
Do anything you wanna do
In 2020

Accept the chaos that is you
Just be what you can be
Do anything you wanna do

Just one more go at trying to be real in 2020
Then we can call it off for yet another year
It seems we’re mourning more every 12 months, feeling empty
But still we’ll give it another shot, oh dear

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