Your Future Ivor Cutler

After seeing the fantastic Celtic Connections concert ‘A Return to Y’Hup’ featuring a myriad of artists paying homage to Ivor Cutler, I thought I’d put up my old stramash-ups of the master here.

First, Your Future Ivor Cutler – a heady mix of a live version of The Fall’s Your Future Our Clutter with the lugubrious musings of Ivor Cutler. Includes guest appearance by Stewart Lee…

From the Throbbing Thistle album, Throbbing Thistle. Available here.


When Amy Winehouse met Ivor Cutler walking to a farm, she suddenly realised where she’d nicked the tune for her Rehab hit from. Here’s Walking To Rehab


And, the very first Mr Cutler stramash-up I did, mixing him with Queens Of The Stone Age, here’s When It Wants


Where did I put the answer?
It’s OK I put it in my brain.
Can you find it?
No. I have to wait.
But don’t worry it’ll come out when it wants to.

I want the answer now.
I think I’ll make a hole in your head to let the answer out.
All right, calm down, the answer is…six.
Good. Now, what’s the question?
That’s in your brain.
Oh, so it is.
How many legs has a donkey and a half?
Good. Now, let’s put the two together.



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