Happy Birthday To Us

The very first Daily Reckless was unleashed on 6th March 2000. For 20 years, it has continued to relentlessly pump out satirical sideswipes, many with a Caledonian bent, starting with topical parodies and gradually evolving into the paper that sings the news. From a pool of around 1000 songs, here we present twenty of the most popular/notorious:


My Beautiful Ninja
Her Lips Were Made to Kiss Megaphones
Kurt Cobana
King of the Swingers
Big John Smeaton
John Prescott
Anthea Turner’s Cock
Bohemian Anchovy
Hurricane Bawbag
Just Say Yes
Save Our Macaroni Pie
Michael White’s Moustache
Trump Is A Cunt
I Wanna Marry A Muirfield Member
You Talk Shite, Hen
Davey I Love You
Where Do Santa’s Reindeer Shit?
Mark Francois
Boris Is A Lying Cunt

Available on Now That’s What I Call Reckless – 20th Anniversary


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