Put Your Hands Out In Front Of You

by Celebrazione

I want you to put your hands out in front of you
And bend your knees

Hands, hands, hands…
Knees, knees, knees…
Boomp a daisy, boomp a daisy…

Put your hands out in front of you
Bend your knees backwards please
Keep those hands in front of you
Whip it on the chin, whip it on the chin
Give a little shake to the old foreskin
Do the toilet, use the lotion
Work that sucker, do the motion

Keep it moving, feel the burn
Oh, I think I’m having a funny turn

Shake it all out
And shake it all back in again

Eat your, eat your weetabix
Aero, aero, aerobics
Dont be shy
Flex your thigh
Don’t ask why
Do it, do it

See you next Tuesday


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