Dominic a nic a nic a
A strategic mastermind
He’s the brains behind the throne
With a towering intellect
And a towering forehead
He’s a one man thunderdome

Are these people really clever
Or just a herd of cows
Dare I fuck a pig or ever
Wear a big girl’s blouse?

He’s got the power to lead you
Over all the drooling media
Mauling like a police dog
Sprawling like a Rees Mogg

In the corridors of power
He is nanny with a shower
Hosing down the boners
Of the Tory party donors

Evil genius or master tactician
Or a girly swot
Turquoise ties r us
Fascism’s so hot hot hot

He tells Boris what to do
But all Boris hears is ‘Boo!’
Shurely nothing can go wrong
What the fuck is going on?

Oversees the Cummings and the goings at the despatch box
I blame Benedict Cumberbatch – a pox on thee


from the album Boooooooooooooo! by Borrissey

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