Peter Pandemic (Wetherspoons Wasteland)


Out there in the fields, fighting for pub meals
We’re going back into normal
I don’t give a shite, I know I’m right
Djokovic and me will be forgiven, yeah, yeah, yeah

Don’t cry, don’t dry your eyes
We’re heading for the Wetherspoons wasteland

Whitty, take my hand, and Patrick Vallance
Peter Pandemic is here to make you bolder
Happy days are here, cricket and warm beer
Let’s get together, we won’t be getting much older

Wetherspoons wasteland, we wanna Wetherspoons wasteland
Wetherspoons wasteland, oh, yeah
Wetherspoons wasteland
We’re all wasted!


with thanks to @HenryNormalpoet and @vikkistone for the title

and apologies to The Who

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