Six Months Later

In a world where nothing is normal anymore, The Meatless have come back after six months in isolation to update some old tunes with original new (very short) versions.

Track listing:

Six Months Ago
We’ve Been Abandoned At The Bottom Of The Sea
Can’t Buy Me House
She’s Just Noticed Her Childhood Bedroom Is On Airbnb
Get Barack Back
Benefits Cut For Mr Kite
Strawberry Fields Commandeered For Student Flats
Please Please Yourself Now
I Wanna Hold Your Hand Luggage
And Your Bird Has Been Illegally Poached
Maybe Keep Your Mum Out Of This
Me And My Monkey Now Internalising Our Emotions
Maxwell Meets The Krays
Octopus Consults Alan Titchmarsh
She Adjusted My Ballcock
Bus Replacement Blues
Baby, You’ve Been Cancelled
Flatpack Replacement
Tomorrow Wins Mastermind
All You Need Is Counselling

Get your free (or pay what you want) copy here: Six Months Later

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