words: Steve Pottinger @BigStevePoet


Fatima’s working in cyber
she’s learned how to snoop and to hack
she’s talented, driven, and passionate
her revenge a cold feast, not a snack

Rishi’s bank account there on a spreadsheet
a few clicks of the keys, and… goodbye
Hancock’s now being sought on charges of fraud
Gove for intent to supply

Cummings just never existed
his records amended, deleted
Johnson pursued for child maintenance payments
left penniless, bankrupt, defeated

Rees-Mogg’s found his place in a workhouse
learning to do what he’s told
and a freighter crawls to St Helena
with Priti Patel in the hold

Yes, Fatima’s working in cyber
she’s smart, and she seizes her chances
at the end of the day, puts her laptop away
picks her shoes up
and smiles as she dances.


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