Children Of The Devolution

I’m a containable bam
I’m Post Capitalism
I drive a Peugeot 206
Cos it’s good for politics

You can’t fool the children of the devolution
We’re gonna have our sexy socialism revolution
Despite The Mail and The Mirror and The Record and The Sun
The Times and the Telegraph and The Scotsman
You can’t fool the children of the devolution

I’m a Containable Bam
I’m going on the randan
I read Alasdair Gray
Cos it’s good for my brain

1745 – the Jacobite Rebellion
1845 – Enlightenment 11
1945 – avoiding Armageddon
2045 – probably World War 7

No more tories
No more nukes
No more papers
No more books

Here’s your future
Here’s the news
No more glass cheques
Of Irn Bru
Cos school’s out forever


Filmed at the Yes Cafe, Leith, November, 2016

From the album Bam Glam. Album version here.

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