Neighbourhood Stasi


Neighbourhood Stasi – watch you in the street
Net curtain nazis – scratch and sniff your spreadsheet

They stand outside on Thursday nights and clap the NHS
Every other day they could not care less
Let’s give carers badges and call them all heroes
Make pensioners walk around their gardens on tiptoes

They’ll glare at you when running, they’ll scowl when you smile
To them a wide berth isn’t six feet but a country mile
And if you make eye contact, they’ll quickly look away
If you’re polite, if you say Hi – they don’t know what to say

Neighbourhood Stasi – they stare (where?) there through the red mist
Net curtain nazis – add your name to the list

Twitch baby, twitch baby, snitch
Twitch baby, twitch baby, snitch


from the album Radio Sick Music by Half Bam Half Whisky

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