Occupy The World

The picture of Bruce Springsteen performing at the Biden inauguration gave me the same vibes as a picture of me when I referenced him in this studio recording of a song performed live at Occupy Edinburgh 17th Dec. 2011. 

Event reviewed by The Skinny here.

I am not a number
I am a free man
What’s the point of sunbeds when you have a tartan?

Occupy Edinburgh
Occupy Dundee
Occupy Glasgow
Occupy Aberdeen
Occupy Glenrothes
Occupy Troon
Occupy Lumphinnans
Occupy Dunoon

Occupy London
Occupy New York
Occupy Bruce Sprinsteen
Occupy Bjork

Who’s side are you on?
Obey the rules
I am not a number

I said occupy Cameron
Occupy Clegg
Occupy Salmond
Occupy Greggs

Occupy Edinburgh
Today Edinburgh
Tomorrow the world

Occupy the world

Let’s go
That’ll dae

Be seeing you


Available on the album Caledonian Mercury Music by The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band.

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