The Declaration Of Arbroath


It’s about time we had another national holiday
Christmas, Easter and New Year are so passé
The 6th of April sounds good to me
When Bernard of Kilwinning tried to set us free
He wrote an independence oath
The Declaration of Arbroath

2020 will be 700 years
Since it was signed by Bernie and his peers
Sealed by the Abbot in the Abbey
In Thirteen Hundred and Twenty
Nearly as old as the Sunday Post
The Declaration of Arbroath

It’s in the form of a letter written in Latin
51 magnates and nobles helped compose the thing
Now listen honey,

“It is in truth not for glory, nor riches nor
honours, but for freedom that we’re fighting for”
Robert the Bruce had a hand in this
At some point they even said that they would kiss
The feet of the pope
The Declaration of Arbroath

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