Man Spider

R.I.P. Stan Lee

ManSpider, ManSpider, does whatever a man can,
Spreads his legs, when he sits
Explains why you’re wrong and looks at your tits
Look out, here comes the Man Spider

Is he wrong
Listen luv
He’s got Carling in his blood
Can he put up a shelf
Don’t you worry your pretty head about that
Look out
There goes the man-spider

And at closing time
In the chill of the night
He’ll piss up a wall
and get in to a fiiiiiiight….

Man-spider man-spider
Unfriendly, lecherous man-spider
Sends you a pic
of his dick
It’s just bantz, calm down pet
Look out, here comes the Man Spider

The world, always revolves around him
You wouldn’t understand dar-ling
It’s great being Man-Spider!

words and animation: @IAmHappyToast

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