Hibernian Dreaming And Heart Ache


Hibernian dreaming and Heart ache
In Embra derby stakes
With commentary from Pat Nevin
Do we need Pat Nevin?
I don’t really think so

Standards of refereeing
They’re falling weekly
Easter Road or Tynie
Governed obliquely

From Gorgie to Pilton
In Muirhouse and Saughton
The cabbage are wary
The jambos more garish

Stenhouse infection
But what goes on
What to do there
Better pray there

Open plan football
Bung a long lob style
All of its comforts
Seem so essential

I had some match programmes
From the 1960s
But I can’t remember
What happened to them now

My dad and my uncle
Both played their Hearts out
Inflatable ball
Made of hard leather

Disposable programmes
I threw you away now
Oh now I remember
They had a picture
Of the Scott monument
On the front cover

Against Blue Brazil
I watched you trash them
You drew in Kirkcaldy
But you beat East Fife

Oh those heartaches
Home and away heartaches


from the album Forfar Pleasure by Reckless Music


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