Dirt & Despondency – Explicit Version


Ramrock Red Records have released a truly magnificent Scottish Post Punk EP with an incredible musical royalty line-up – it reads like a glittering rock n roll Who’s Who entry. Launching on Robert Burns’ 263rd birthday on 25th January 2022, the EP, with Russell Burn, Saleem Andrew McGroarty and Malcolm Ross on production duties and Joseph Malik as executive producer, cements Robbie’s relevance in the 21st century. Combining traditional lyrics and exceptional musicality, the EP features new takes on the Burns songs ‘Jocky’s Ta’en the Parting Kiss’ and ‘Daunton Me’, a splicing of his ‘Ca’ the Yowes’ with ‘The Tree O’ Liberty’ including a remix from BBC 6 Music’s ‘Album of the Year 2021(Craig Charles’ selection)’ winner, Joseph Malik and a bone shaking salute to The Stooges with ‘Dirt & Despondency: An Ode’.

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With bassist Colin ‘Coco’ Whitson (Boots For Dancing, Gin Goblins) joining forces with legendary guitarist Malcolm Ross (Josef K, Orange Juice, Aztec Camera) and the Burn Brothers, Russell (Fire Engines, Win, Piefinger) and actor Tam Dean, the line-up is completed with additional musical heavyweights and fellow Ramrockers contributing to the EP – vocalist Rosanne Erskine (Coco and The Bean, Revillos, forthcoming ‘Cold Sun’ LP), the Proclaimers keyboardist, Steven Christie (Till Sunday LP, Justify Me EP, Diverse Pt.3, Stranger Things Have Happened LP) and trombone player Chris Greive (Diverse Pt.3, Stranger Things Have Happened LP) – to take Burns to the masses. The Bum-Clocks contributed their song ‘Climb the Lion’ to Joseph Malik’s epic compilation ‘Stranger Things Have Happened’ which also features Rosanne , Steven and Chris plus they have performed many times as part of Joseph’s ‘Republic of Persevere’ posse as seen here

The Bum-Clocks name came from the last verse of Burns’ first published poem ‘The Twa Dogs’ – ‘The bum-clock humm’d wi’ lazy drone’, an old Scots phrase for a flying summer beetle – which the band reimagined into ‘A Tale o’ Twa Dugs’ with Rabbie & Iggy Pop. So, Tam has legitimately introduced the band onstage as the Scottish Beetles! The Bum-Clocks are tickety-boo about 2022!

Dirt & Despondency

I’m in dirt
And I don’t care
I’m in dirt
And I don’t care
‘Cause I’m burning inside
Yes I’m burning inside

Oppress’d with grief, oppress’d with care,
A burden mair than I can bear,
I set me doon and sigh;
O life! thou art a galling load,
Along a rough, a weary road,
For wretches such as I!

I’ve been hurt
And I don’t care
I’ve been hurt
And I dinnae gie a fuck

Cos I’m reeling in this life
Yes I’m feeling this life
Do you feel it?
Said do you feel it when you touch me?
Said do you feel it when you touch me?
There’s a fire, a fire
Kindling fire
Yeah, alright

Dim backward as I cast my view,
What sick’ning scenes appear!
What sorrows yet may pierce me through,
Too justly I may fear!
Still caring, despairing,
Must be my bitter doom;
My woes here shall close ne’er
But with the closing tomb!

You, bustling, and justling,
Forget each grief and pain;
I, listless, yet restless,
Find ev’ry prospect vain

Do you feel it?
Do you feel it when you touch me?
Said do you feel it when you touch me?
A fire, burning fire
Kindling fire

O scenes in such remembrance
Set never to return
Scenes if in stupor I forget
And get a feel
And get a burn

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