Fi’s Fags

Five years since the death of Mark E Smith. Here’s when he nicked my friends fags.


Fi was sitting in Bennet’s Bar
In Edinburgh
She was a little curious
She had a little orange
She felt a little spurious
She was sucking on a lozenge

She had a Marlboro hanging from her lips
When in walks Mark E Smith
He says, Can I have a fag
So she offered him the packet
He took the fucking lot
Stuck them in his jacket

She was furious at the radge
Furious at the radge
Fictitious press headline read
Fractious Fall Frontman Filches Fags

Fi’s fags
Fi’s fags
Fi’s fags

Mark E Smith, he didn’t dally
He fucked right off
Down a back alley
It was like watching Mohammed Ali
In a Michael Clark ballet

99% of non-smokers die

From the album 40 Odd Years Of The Fall by Tommy Mackay


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