Lamb Island Is Officially Rat Free


Spoon bender Uri Geller’s East Lothian island is declared officially rat free
The bird population had been threatened with predation
Now the island’s officially rat free

The island’s called The Lamb and it lies just off North Berwick
Uri Geller bought it cos he felt something psychic
Now following a succesful community project
Lamb Island’s officially rat free

Hurrah for the community
Who found rodent signs in 2020
Dedicated volunteers from the Kayak Club,
and RSPB.

Uri searched for artefacts relating to the legend of an exiled Egyptian princess
Scota’s boat is said to have anchored at Lamb Island
But Uri’s search was not a success

Geller said he bought the island cos the legend goes
Its mysterious heritage dated back to the pharaohs
The Lamb’s geography exactly mirrors the BC
Layout of the Great Pyramids

The kayakers headed out to sea
Using CCTV to monitor the rats
Birds like guillemots are vulnerable to egg predation from
All invasive species
Now the island is rat free

This vital conservation work is underpinned by the Biosecurity for LIFE project
Working with 42 seabird island Special Protection Areas around the UK

The Scottish Seabird Centre will continue to protect the international seabird habitats
Ensuring The Lamb and other islands are safe and officially free from the rats


from the album Diving For Twirls by They Might Be Gannets


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