Cinnamon Flavoured Dental Floss


O come all ye snowflakes and let your heart bleed
Over war and injustice and children in need
We’re sorry for your knee jerk anger, sorry for your loss
But hey check out our new cinnamon flavoured dental floss

We have a strong suspicion all your grievances are fake
You need to tune into La La Land not I, Daniel Blake
Pledge allegiance to the deviance of our new orange boss
And check out our new cinnamon flavoured dental floss

A person of good intelligence and sensitivity
Cannot exist in this society
Without expressing anger at the inequality
And it’s not just a pinko commie loving liberal thing
It’s a normal human reaction in a world of suffering

Distraction, distraction’s the name of the game
We will get fooled again and again
The sigh of the times is to not give a toss
Just as long as you try our new cinnamon flavoured dental floss

George Carlin, George Carlin
I never felt more like George Carlin


from the album, Laughtivism by Tommy Mackay

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