The Sensational Patrick Harvie Band


We have whisky for breakfast
Fuck The Zeitgeist
That’s how we get through

The Daily Reckless
Is our bible
Pumping Irn Bru

We are the Sensational Patrick Harvie Band
We are vocationally qualified to tell Scotland
To pull up your socks
Pull in your stomachs
Hands off cocks
And lay off the Tunnocks
The Sensational Patrick Harvie One Man Band

Here come the Tories
With scary stories
Hang on to your tin foil hats

Their rhetoric is stunning
The Russians are coming
With bombs pointed at your flats

Are you going?
Are you going to the tea party?
Are you going to the Broxburn Tea Party?
Are you going?
You’ll have had your tea

from the album Ziggy Sturgeon and the Spiders From Katie Melua’s Ears

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