Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver has been accused of cultural appropriation for calling a new product “punchy jerk rice” and now Levi Roots has challenged him to a jerk off…pic by Happy Toast

Jamie Oliver packed his wok and said goodbye to the vegans
Off he went with a pukkaty chop for his lunch lunch lunch
Now he is judging the poor and the weak for eating ready meals
While he advertises for Sainsbury

He don’t like big tellys in your home
He don’t like big bellys unless it is his own
The bloody hypocrite

Oliver, Oliver uses a collander when he tosses salad
And he likes to kid on that he’s got a bunch of pals
Everyone knows that it’s just the TV crew he makes his food for
And that bloke from Jamiriquai that everybody hates

He says Don’t eat ready meals in front of your flat screens
Then he’ll flog you ready meals stuffed with fava beans
And virgin olive oil

Oliver, Oliver, mockerney botherer
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