I Am Nick Clegg

Now Nicky’s gone to Facebook, time to remember his finest hour. Ahem.

I am Nick Clegg
(iddle iddle iddle um)
With the extra leg
(iddle iddle iddle um)
Yes, I have an extra leg down there
It plays havoc with my underwear
I love my nutmeg grater
I’m a master debater

I am Nick Clegg
(iddle iddle iddle um)
I’m a good egg
(iddle iddle iddle um)
So vote for the LibDems
We’ll cut the price of Midget Gems
I’m more popular than Christ
A hung parliament would be nice
Not just hung, but drawn and quartered
Come on let’s get them all slaughtered

Come on, give me a bash
I’ll hoover up the volcanic ash
With my Dyson
And send all the bankers to Iceland

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