Epic Protest March


Epic protest march
You’re losing, you’re losing, you’re losing, you’re losing your dignity
You used to do lunch
Enthusing, enthusing, enthusing over doilies, cakes and tea
Now we’re radicalised
Farage has opened our eyes
Even though he’s not here

Epic protest march
Abusing, abusing, abusing your respectability
By making a stand
And choosing, and choosing and choosing indefatigability
Now we’ve been empowered
Our aloofness deflowered
We’re making a splash

Oh we fought the war and the war won
No peace for us, just destruction
Goodbye to chanting and slogans
We fought the war and the war won

Now the ink on the pamphlets has faded
And most of the activists jaded
By years of seeing war feted
Apathy’s so over-rated

Ladies who march
You’re boozing, you’re boozing, you’re boozing, you’re boozing on G&T
That might make you lurch
And bruising, and bruising and bruising and bruising your sanity
You could just end up knackered
Drunk in charge of a placard
So just turn it down

Still I retain a soft spot
For the can’t and the will and the have not
I just go marching when it’s hot
Now all of my placards have wood rot


from the album A ‘B’ Road by Half Bam Half Whisky, available here:

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1 Comment on "Epic Protest March"

  1. Tracey Stephenson | March 17, 2019 at 5:55 am | Reply

    I sang it to the tune
    I fought the law
    The Clash

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