Crazy Boris (Approaching Menace version)

I added ‘Approaching Menace’ (the Mastermind theme tune) to the start of this version of Crazy Boris because well…


There’s an arsehole with floppy hair
Yes, it’s Boris Johnson, he was London Mayor
He’s a pillock, but those cockernees
Thought it funny to make him big cheese

What a show, there he goes befriending Merseyside, yeah
If it wasn’t for ‘Have I Got News For You’ he’d have died without a trace

Crazy Boris
Crazy Boris

He’s a fop, he’s a real fun guy
Flopping around London on his wee pushbike
The last incumbent was a fan of newts
But this new one, he prefers jackboots

What a show, there he goes sweeping back his fringe, yeah
A million cockneys every day open their Evening Standard and pray

So take a good look around
See what you’ve done


from the album “Arse” by Borrissey. Original here

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