The Ballad Of Iain Gray

As former Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray announces he is to quit Holyrood, here’s a touching song based on his best bits, especially that time he was backed into Subway by Sean Clarkin.


I know a man who really makes me laugh
So I asked him for his autograph
But he just ran away
Into Subway
His name was Iain Gray

He said he had been in the killing fields
Of Motherwell and Pollockshields
His election campaign was a disaster
When he saw Big Eck in Asda
He hid behind the pasta

Grey Iain Gray
Grey across your big brass neck
Until they break away
Stay with your rank and file

Fly away
Iain Gray
Labour Day
No more

and here’s the video, including his infamous ‘killing fields’ quote:

and finally, the Iain Gray Whistle Test, featuring some outstanding musical footage:

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