Desmond Swayne


Desmond Swayne is a strange person
He won’t buy clothes, looks like Colonel White
Or Freddie Starr

He won’t mask up, he will not shop, he’s ragin’
A selfish view, see through baby blue
He’s mental

Oh, Desmond Swayne
Toryiously insane and on remission
This monstrous imposition, this monstrous imposition, this monstrous imposition
Against myself and a number of outraged and reluctant constituents

The tiny brain of Desmond Swayne
Desmond Sway ay ayne

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1 Comment on "Desmond Swayne"

  1. Michael Clarke | July 17, 2020 at 3:53 pm | Reply

    That is class! I love hearing my favourite tunes given this kind of treatment in the name of holding power to account. Top stuff.

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