Sea Kelp


Scientists have discovered kelp off the coast of Scotland that has survived since the last ice age, around 16,000 years ago…


There’s a vegetable and fragrance that is talking to me
Suggesting I require a course of therapy
You are what you eat and you eat what you are
You wash your hands of it you absolute shower

Sea kelp
Sea kelp
Sea kelp

I don’t wanna go back to work in the rain
I don’t wanna go back to work ever again
No more buses no more pieces
No more ties and suits with creases

I have to wash that mango out of my hair
Listen to the twang o the guitar player
There is no Fall, there is no Cure
The deodorant is saying  ‘Sure.’

Sea kelp
Sea kelp
Sea kelp

All the voices in my head
Are passive aggresive and very well read
They’re possessing my possessions and dictating my thoughts
I’m all over the place and I’m overwrought

Anyway it’s a waste of life
Straight outta Mexborough, straight outta Fife
Sea kelp is good for you
It’ll help to see you through

from the album Kez Enduction Hour by The Foul. Listen here

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