It’s A Record!

The Daily Reckless has 3 (three) albums eligible for the Scottish Album of the Year which is a record. Well, three records actually. You can see/hear each one here:



Laughtivism/Game Of Life/Dad On/59 Years From Kelso/Mexborough Miner/Where I Live/Waiting For Life/Cinnamon Flavoured Dental Floss/Hard Shoulder/Filling Out Forms/Leith FM/Start And Cease









Reckless And Pointless/Let’s Meet The Contestants/The Age Of Reason/Being And Nothingness/Existence/Coveted Trophy/Lockdown/100 People/Nausea/What Essence/Awry/Sartre’s Bike/Insignificance









Buck Mulligan/History Is A Nightmare/Proteus/Leopold Bloom’s Kitchen/Beware Of Henry Flower/Funeral Flesh/You’ll Never See An Advert In The Daily Reckless/Let’s Eat/Shall I Compare Thee To Ann Summers, Dear?/Cognitive Dissonance/The Sound Of Sirens/The Citizen/Gerty MacDowell Syndrome/Oxen of the Sun/Swinging From The Chandeliers/Cabman’s Shelter/Recapitulate/Yes O Yes

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