It’s Different For Toffs


What the hell is wrong with Panama?
I can’t seem to say or do the right thing
Wish I was in Bananarama
Then I would be Really Saying Something

Vic says, I don’t belieeeeeve it
John says, You can’t be serious
Don’t we, all want the same thing
Don’t we?

Well, who said anything about Gove?
No not Gove she said
Don’t you know that it’s different for toffs?
They’re all the same

David Cameron says save yourself
Take a battle bus and find the right girl
To fiddle election expenses
It’s a fantastically corrupt world

I know, a lot of things that
You don’t you wanna hear some
We say, just give us something
Well give us all you got but not Gove
No not Gove we say
Don’t you know that it’s different for toffs?
You’re all the same

from the album Stramash-Ups by Tommy Mackay. Listen here

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