Neil Oliver

As one Neil joins another Neil’s GB News team, the Reckless remembers the former president of the National Trust for Scotland and non-historian admirer of David Starkey.


Neil Oliver, Oliver
He’s a historian and plonker
I think we can all concur
He’s definitely a bit of a tosser

Wavy locks and air of superiority
Wafting shite and hated by the vast majority

Oliver, Oliver
Unionist ambassador
Such is the calibre of Neil Oliver

National Trust, if you must have a figurehead then just
Not this clown – capiche?
Why not get Cameron McNeish

He knows Scotland all over – he has been everywhere
Whereas Neil thinks we should remain in the yoke of the monarchy

Oliver, Oliver
I really don’t care for his views, or his hair
Thinks we are better together
Neil Oliver

from the album Slime Of The Times by Half Bam Half Whisky. Listen here

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