Brexit Street


Stick the covid up yer jacksy
I’ve got another cunning plan
Just a few suggestions
Don’t ask me questions
I’m a non-answerable man
How everything works is a mystery
It’s like the changing of the seasons
And the tides of the sea
But here’s the one that’s driving me berserk
How come all us Tories are still in work
La la lala – la la la la la (etc)

We’ve got some half arsed ideas
Arse lickers like Piers
You wanna buy a garden bridge?
No? I’ll just hide in a fridge
Pooling, sharing,
Extra marital affairing,
Wealthy backers
Phone hackers
You can try and attack us
Selling off the NHS
We really couldn’t care less

Less, less, less, less, less, less, less

No pies in Greggs, no KFCs*
No Nandos snacks, no HGVs
Gas price up, fuel no more
Rivers fill with sewage raw…
God bless Brexit Street
Viva Brexit Street
Long live Brexit Street
C’est Magnifique Brexit Street
Magnifique Brexit Street
Brexit Street


*last verse by @RobinFlavell

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