Bullshit Blitz


Are you ready Iain? Yes, Exactly
Michael? Yes. Yes.
Boris? …….
Alright fellas, let’s go!

Oh this is getting easy
Just spaffing about the blitz spirit
All the oiks and papers
Gobble up this mountain of bullshit

Oh, I see a man in the back as a matter of fact
He is reading The Sun
And a woman with a column that no one ignores
She thinks she’s the passionate one

Oh yeah! It was like lightning
Those nazis were frightening
But the bombs were so soothing
And the Brits were just grooving
Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah

And the man in the back said, “Everyone attack”
And it’s turned into a bullshit blitz
And the woman in her column said, “Get back to your office”
Like they did in the good old blitz
Bullshit blitz, bullshit blitz, bullshit blitz, bullshit blitz

It’s, it’s a bullshit blitz
It’s, it’s a bullshit blitz


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