Rishi Sunak


His daddy in law is a billionaire
He’s got a few bob himself to be fair
He’s risen smoothly from private schooling you see
On to Oxford and then the city
Now he’s the chancellor, it’s not sinister
Next stop, you guessed it, prime minister

Rishi Sunak
That’s what I say
Rishi Sunak

The papers and TV fawn over him like he’s the queen
They gotta do that, they gotta do that
The obseqiousness of all of it is quite obscene

Yeh yeh yeh

And now we’re entering another brave age
Of optimism, just ignore the sewage
The future’s brown and the future’s slimy
We’ll all be wading through the slurry
He’ll keep on smiling, cos that’s all he can do
He’s so beguiling, you know that it’s true

Rishi Sunak
That’s what I say
Rishi Sunak


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