Oliver Dowden And His Fashionable Nostrums


I hear the sound of distant drums
It’s Oliver Dowden and his fashionable nostrums
Making a speech about freedom
Oliver Dowden and his fashionable nostrums

Freedom of speech means being free to say what you like
Unless it’s something about me which I don’t like
Which is completely different
You can’t slag off my government

Woke ideology is a blight
We should be allowed to say whatever we like
But if it’s derogatory to me or hurtful
Then we’ll legislate to make it illegal

I want the values of a free society
But don’t you dare to challenge me

So we must find the confidence
Of Oliver Dowden and his fashionable nostrums


from the album Sgt Pfeffel’s Crony Right Wing Band by The Meatless

first posted 16/2/2022

“Oliver’s ironing is on its way”

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