Pothole Pete


Many have made my acquaintance,
through lack of highway road maintenance.
I’m Pothole Pete
living in your street.
To get me repaired, you’ll need plenty of patience

I started as a crack in the road surface,
I was so small no one even took notice
With rain, frost and snow.
I was beginning to show,
That my road surface was becoming quite worthless.

You’ll find me in highways and in small country lanes,
Usually beside an overflowing drain.
Do drop in to see me,
there’s no charge, it’s free.
Pete’s hospitality is of nation wide fame

Every day I get wider, deeper and dangerous,
To all wheeled vehicles I’m becoming quite hazardous.
Keep your eyes on the road,
as I’m not always showed,
Pothole Pete without warning is treacherous

words: David J. Cox

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