No Smacking, No Fracking, No Union Jacking


Massive heart, wee country
Reject the landlord, reject the laird
Celebrate John Logie Baird
And Alexander Graham Bell
I could make a list like Billy Joel
But that would be just too cringey
Cheap and easy and real stingey
So let us scotch those stereotypes
Tartan, shortbread and bagpipes
Walter Scott monumental myths
And concentrate on the politics
We legislate ahead of them all
We got the minimum price of alcohol
Our policies are ahead of the pack
And we’ll be the first to leave the Union Jack

No Smacking
No Fracking
No Union Jacking

Lay down and take it
Or forcibly make it on our own

The lion and the unicorn
Just Westminster soft porn
They want to pour their love on us
They say we’re equal partners
They weren’t listening then, they’re not listening now
How long must we kow tow
We don’t want to smack, we don’t wanna frack
We just want our dignity back
So you go ahead and snub your nose
And strut in your emperor’s new clothes
We’re being dragged into a hole
A laughing stock, a begging bowl
Is what we’re being reduced to
Can we have some more? No thank you
We’ll march until our feet are sore
I cannot take this any more

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