Inspired by an image by Robert Florence, here’s a trailer for an imaginary album. Please follow and like us:

Tears For Peers

  People say I’m cold That I sold my soul for gold But really I’m a mess of emotions Maggie Thatcher made me quiver Boris Johnson makes me simper I shed a tear at the…

Tories In Extreme

  feat. Janey Godley Fluffy, when I met you There were peas and quorn Stuck onto your beard I took a fine tooth comb It was soft inside But there was something growing on You…

Nuclear Surrender

Nuclear surrender Protect and survive Nuclear surrender It’s good to be alive A finger on the button Keeps everybody warm Happy when the mushroom Clouds creep in Heralding the dawn You can have your retribution…

Apple Juice

R.I.P. Gordon Murray, creator and puppeteer of Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley, as represented here by Brackett the butler. from the album Rhythm & Bombast by Throbbing Thistle. Listen here Please follow and like us:

Free Space

Wee film by Phantom Power celebrating the story of FreeSpace Gallery Leith with Terrence Chan, Greg Moodie, Andrew Redmond Barr, Chris Cairns, Stewart Bremner, James Devoy, Megan Chapman and Tommy ‘Reckless’ Mackay Please follow and…

Who Will Buy My Blue Peter Annuals?

R.I.P. John Noakes. In tribute here’s a song from the musical Oliver Pissed. from the album Oliver Pissed by The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band. Listen here Please follow and like us:

Homer’s Morrissey

I was happy in a haze on Calypso’s isle but heaven knows I’m miserable now I was looking for a sword and then I found a sword and heaven knows I’m miserable now In my…

All Killa No Filla

  Daily Reckless editor on BBC 6 Radio being interviewed by Liz Kershaw about They Might Be Giants album Apollo 18. Please follow and like us:

Looking After The One Show

I am on the One Show I’m wearing my best shoes My husband Arthur Askey Is on the couch with me too This is now what passes For political insight Jobs for the boys and…