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Christmas Broccoli

  Christmas broccoli, Christmas broccoli That is cauliflower Christmas broccoli, Christmas broccoli Vegetable power Fluffy and white like Santa’s beard And it tastes ‘Just right!’ Perfect for your christmas dinner Save a piece for Santa…

Patrick Life

  The Male Nurse meets Blur. Inspired by this interesting slice of Embra post punk trivia : see also: Witch Hunt The Out There Mixes

The Great Skittish Shake Off

  Now, we all know The Fall song, ‘Shake Off,’ but did you know Taylor Swift also did a song called ‘Shake It Off’? Here are the two combined. see also: Einstuerzende Neuwaddywaddy

Throbbing Easton

  When Throbbing Gristle met Sheena Easton, they were united on the morning train.   see also: Cabaret Voltaylor A Drunk Man Looks At Throbbing Thistle (part 5)

On The Lash

  Punter gives sound advice for sports fans everywhere. Poetry. “We don’t care if we win lose or draw What the hell do we care We only know there’s gonnae be a show And Bonnie…