Nuclear Surrender

Nuclear surrender Protect and survive Nuclear surrender It’s good to be alive A finger on the button Keeps everybody warm Happy when the mushroom Clouds creep in Heralding the dawn You can have your retribution…

Apple Juice

R.I.P. Gordon Murray, creator and puppeteer of Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley, as represented here by Brackett the butler. from the album Rhythm & Bombast by Throbbing Thistle. Listen here

Free Space

Wee film by Phantom Power celebrating the story of FreeSpace Gallery Leith with Terrence Chan, Greg Moodie, Andrew Redmond Barr, Chris Cairns, Stewart Bremner, James Devoy, Megan Chapman and Tommy ‘Reckless’ Mackay

Massive Tax Hikes

Jez was quizzical; studied the political Philosophy of Marx Late nights all alone with Das Kapital Oh al al al. Then Ken Livingstone, reading Palestinian History phones up “Can I get back into your party,…

Useless On Brexit

The Conservative And Unionist Negotiating Team Are all over this Send in the CUNTS Useless at Brexit from the album The Sun Says by Tommy Mackay. Listen here

Terrorist Friend

Ooh you made me live Never mind the magic money tree It’s you the DUP Ooh you saved my skin now honey Ooh you made me live Ooh you’re the best friends that I ever…

Scotland Calling (Corbyn version)

  Labour calling to the faraway towns Now war is declared, where’s Gordon Brown? Jeremy Corbyn of the underworld Is out of the cupboard, you boys and girls Labour calling, now don’t look to us…

Fields Of Wheat

Between Boris and Donald Trump Between a clown and a cunt All of the arms that have been sold To Saudis for a pot of gold The cold dead eyes that never cry That let…