Mistra President

As the portrait by Andy Thomas of Trump and former presidents is revealed, we look once again at Doxy’s magisterial record in office…

He’s a man
with a klan
Chapati tae yer heid ya bam
He’s Mistra President

He’s a fud, a fandan
He’s the cheesy wotsit Hitler man
He’s Mistra President

You can piss on his bed
Or shit in his laundry basket instead
He’s Mistra Pissident

Must be seen
Making plans
He’s the dumbest one with the smallest hands
He’s Mistra President

Surely he cannot last two terms
One day he will be food for worms
But when they feast on his remains
They’ll be hard pushed to find his brains oh oh

Any place
He will play
His only concern is how much you’ll pay
He’s Mistra President

If he shakes
On a bet
He’s the kind of dude that won’t pay his debt
He’s Mistra President

When you say that he’s living wrong
He’ll tell you he knows he’s livin’ right
And you’d be a stronger man
if you took Mistra President’s advice oh oh

He’s a man
with a ban
Got a crush on his daughter and a tan
He’s Mistra President

What a jerk
Please beware
Of a man that just don’t give a care no
He’s Mistra President (Look out he’s coming)

He’s a fright
Woven hairs
He’s even scared of walking downstairs
He’s Mistra President

Theresa May led the way
Cos you can’t even take baby steps – fucksake
He’s Mistra President

Playin’ hard
Talkin’ fast
Makin’ sure that he will be the last
He’s Mistra President

Makes a deal
With a frown
Somewhere a circus is missing a clown
He’s Mistra President

If we had less of him
Don’t you know we’d have a better land
He’s Mistra President

So give a hand to the man
Because he needs an extension
He’s Mistra President

from the album – Reckless In America by Supertrump. Listen here

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