Throw Me In The Sex Bin

The Scottish culture secretary has demanded an urgent meeting with Creative Scotland to discuss why an arts project involving real sex was given over £100,000 in funding.


She was the talk of the Fringe
Because she wiggled her minge in a post ironic way
Now her mum has disowned her
And she’s in a coma
Because of that play
Which was highly explicit
Even Alan Bisset said it was too much
Her parents watched it in horror
Now their only daughter
Has literally lost touch

Throw me in the sex bin
Kathy Lick is my sex name
Daddy was a lesbian
Oh oh oh oh

She got 5 stars in 3 Weeks
For holding her cheeks open to the gallery
But she caught a bad draught
And nobody laughed
They thought it was provocative and free

from the album Bam Glam

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